Understanding your Kindera Notifications

Your Kindera system allows you to automatically filter content appropriateness based on ratings: G, PG, PG14, R and NC17. NC17 rating will disable any filtering, R will filter out adult and other questionable content and so on for PG14, PG, and G will filter more and more content.

When an attempt to access a blocked site is made Kindera will send you a notification. Based on your settings, notifications are accumulated and sent either once an hour, once a day, once a week, once a month or disabled all together. By default your notifications will be sent once an hour. You can change your notification settings by tapping on change my email settings at the bottom of your email notification.

Why is some content being blocked?

Content can be blocked for different reasons; automatically, based on your set rating of the user or device or simply blocked because you have previously set a block rule on the site. On occasion, and based on your set content rating, Kindera may block more sites than you may be expecting. Kindera classifies sites by a combination of known sites and complex classification algorithms. Such blocked sites may include ad tracking and serving related sites or other categories of content

What should I do about blocked sites?

Tapping on the red bar of the blocked site will reveal additional options. If you are aware of the site you can decide to allow it or decide to still block it but no longer include this site in the notification email. Tapping on Info will provide you more information about the site for you to make a better decision. Whichever action you will take, you will always be able to see and edit all of your established rules in your My Rules section.

What can you do about notifications of blocked sites?

 1. Be aware and do nothing
 2. Change the notification time interval
 3. Find more information about the blocked site
 4. Decide to allow the site
 5. Decide to no longer notify you again about the site being blocked
 6. Raise the rating of the user or device to reduce filtering