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Supervise your home Internet at the touch of a button with Kindera

Kindera is an Internet parental control solution that will protect and help you teach your children healthy online habits.

Simply connect the Kindera WiFi hub directly to your existing router and you will be able to Monitor, Filter and Limit what your children see on the Internet in an instant.

Now with YouTube and Google Safe Search filtering

Let your children watch specific videos for their age and ensure that searches on Google remain appropriate. Kindera is the perfect Internet and YouTube parental control solution for the active family.

Kindera manages your home Internet

Kindera main dashboard


See what is happening on your home network in an instant for every connected device. You'll notice right away if your children inadvertently put themselves in danger or are just being curious. Get notified when access attempts to blocked content happens.

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Kindera rating selection


Kindera allows specific YouTube videos, web applications and websites according to the content rating you set for each of your children. Block services that you find intrusive to your privacy. Enable appropriate searches on Google. Kindera is updated daily with the latest list of inappropriate content

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Kindera dashboard setting time-of-day rule


Control the amount of time and when your children are allowed online. Allow your child to watch YouTube for an hour or two without having to remember when to shut it off. Set automatic bedtime schedules. Set different access schedules for each of your children on different days. Limit specific web applications or websites on a schedule, such as allow Facebook only on weekends or limit Instagram from 4pm to 5pm on a school night.

The Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should have less that 2 hours of screen time a day.

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Kindera in the News

"When it comes to Internet access, having the visibility and reassurance that the rules we have established are being followed is extremely comforting to me as a parent. Additionally, being able to do this from the palm of my hand through my smartphone is beyond convenient!"

-Nick O., Kindera parent

Kindera dashboard on multiple devices

Manage your children's device from any computer or smartphone from wherever you are.

Protect your children from Internet dangers.

Protect your children from inappropriate content and websites. Extensive research shows that prolonged screen time can have a very negative impact on children's development and behaviour.

Teach your children how to manage online distractions.

Have a conversation with your children to discuss which sites they visit on the Internet. Help them develop healthy usage habits by setting healthy limits.

Kindera helps families spend more time together.

Never wonder again where your children are online.

Protect, Teach and Support your children.

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