<strong>Kindera</strong> device with dashboard shown on iPhoneBecome a Kindera Reseller

Sell a solution.

Kindera helps you engage with your customers in a new way by providing a complete solution important to families.

Upsell new products.

Sieze the opportunity to upsell a new hardware device and the Kindera service while performing computer repairs. Kindera helps protect the home computer by limiting access to malware laden Adult websites.

Keep your customers happy.

Keep your customers happy by educating them about the latest developments in Smart Wi-Fi technology.

Strong proven referrals.

Grow your business by proven new referrals from Kindera users. Parents love to talk to other Parents about Kindera.

3 Steps to Apply:

  1. Create an account on our portal at my.kindera.com
  2. Send an email to reseller@kindera.com with information about your business and a signed copy of the BluePoint Reseller Agreement
  3. Receive a confirmation from Kindera with access to our reseller portal at kindera.com/reseller