Set healthy limits on your children's online activities with Kindera

Kindera acts like a gateway between your Internet service and your Internet devices.

Kindera Network Diagram

Simply connect Kindera to your existing router and you will be able to supervise your children's Internet in an instant.

Any wireless or wired devices connected to Kindera can be supervised, including; personal devices, tablets, computers, media players, game console, etc. And without installing any special software on any device.


See what is happening on your home network in an instant for every connected device. You'll notice right away if your children inadvertently put themselves in danger or are just being curious.


Kindera allows specific YouTube videos, web applications and websites according to the content rating you set for each of your children. Block services that you find intrusive to your privacy. Enable appropriate searches on Google. Kindera is updated daily with the latest list of inappropriate content


Control the amount of time and when your children are allowed online. Enable your child to watch YouTube for an hour or two without having to remember when to shut it off.


Set limits on when your children can access the Internet. No more unplugging the Internet at bedtime. Feel confident that late night Internet videos that your children may watch are blocked after bedtime while you still enjoy the full use of the Internet.


Kindera will notify you by email when your children venture out of bounds on the Internet. You can then begin to teach and support your kids right away in the moment when they need it most.


Every child is different and so every child deserves rules that are best suited for their age and developmental stage. Kindera allows the ultimate control of rules for each individual or device on your network.

In an Instant or on a Timer

Did you notice something inappropriate while Monitoring your home Internet? Block an inappropriate site, web app or the entire Internet in an instant. One press of a button puts you back in control. Of course this works in reverse, if you need to allow access outside of their schedule, that's also one simple button press. Do any action on a timer, such as allowing Youtube for an hour, blocking Instagram for a week or extending overall Internet access for an hour without having to modify any schedule. Kindera keeps it simple for you to remain in control

Set the level of filtering you want

In addition to Kindera's predefined filters, allow or block any sites you see fit, such as allowing Youtube for 2 hours or simply blocking Facebook for a week.

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Be at peace knowing that your children are safe online with Kindera.

Take back control of your home Internet.

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