Kindera FAQs

Why use Kindera instead of other solutions?

Kindera is simply better, faster, and smarter than other parental control solutions: Click here for product comparisons.

Does Kindera Filter YouTube videos?

Yes, Kindera's content filters restricts certain videos on YouTube and enforces Google Safe Search based on your selected child content rating.

Does Kindera replace my router?

No, Kindera is a 2-in-1 wired and wireless (WiFi) access point that connects directly to your existing router.

I have invested in a complex WiFi network in my home can I still use Kindera?

Yes, simply "insert" Kindera in your network, any traffic flowing through Kindera will be filtered and supervised. Connect any of your existing access points to any of the 4 Kindera LAN ports and connect the Kindera WAN port to a LAN port of your existing router.

How do I reset my Kindera device to its factory settings?

To reset your Kindera to its factory settings:

    1. Turn your device off
    2. Using a paper clip or a small pin press and hold the pinhole reset button in the back of the unit
    3. Turn the unit back on while holding the reset.
    4. Release the pinhole reset only when the USB light starts blinking green
    5. You should now see the default kindera-xxxx WiFi network name

What if I have computers with wired only connection?

Kindera also supports wired computers, just connect them to 1 of the 4 LAN ports in the back of Kindera and any traffic going through will also be supervised.

How many devices can Kindera support?

Kindera can support over 250 WiFi or wired devices.

Is traffic going through Kindera slowed down?

No, Kindera does not slow down any traffic. As an example, many customers use IPTV services with Kindera to control TV streaming services

Does Kindera require me to install special software on my children devices

No, Kindera does not require any special software to be install on any devices.

Which devices can Kindera supervise?

Kindera can supervise any wired and WiFi devices. There is no need to install any software on any devices.

What content can Kindera filter?

Kindera can filter any domain or web application. To simplify your setup, we have created simple to understand filtering category that will block and allow appropriate content based on your child's age.

Selecting G will only allow child safe and educational content, PG will block social media and user generated sites such as YouTube, PG14 will allow social media and YouTube but block mature content related to drugs, violence and alcohol, R will block adult content and NC17 will allow everything.

In addition to the rating filtering, you are also able to block any specific domain that the rating does not block or allow any specific content that the rating blocks for each of your individual child.

Is it possible to block access to a specific domain on one device but allow other users in the same household to access all sites on their own devices?

Yes, Kindera allows any rules such as block a site, unblock a site, lock access, unlock access, content rating restriction or access restriction on time-of-day on a single device, or all devices of a user or on all devices.

What can I do about shared computers?

There are many way to manage shares computers or devices using Kindera. One option is to lock by default all Internet access to the shared devices and unlocking it on a timer when someone needs it. This way you will be able to manage access and the amount of time the shared computer is used. In addition to be able to use a specific rating settings you can also add new rules at the same time, such as allow Instagram or block YouTube for the duration.

Can Kindera support more than one "administrator" parent?

Yes, Kindera can support more than 4 administrators with the ability to monitor and control the Internet access.

Which devices are supported to access the parent dashboard?

Kindera's parent dashboard application is a responsive web interface that can be accessed from any device with a web browser, including; iOS, Android, Windows and OS X

Is there a way to not have to re-configure the WiFi settings of my children devices?

If you have an existing network, simply use your existing network name and password during Kindera's setup. Turn off your pre-existing network and your children's devices will automatically start using Kindera without any reconfiguration.

Can I specify specific addresses for devices?

Kindera will create a LAN network. Addresses will be dynamically asigned to devices from to, The Kindera device will be at address Address to can be used to allocate static IPs to devices.

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