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We're rather proud of the results of our Summer Rules experiment. The net result amounts to a little over three hundred hours combined on Khan Academy. Both my boys are now ahead of their grade's curriculum in math and they ventured in different directions according to their own interests. The older one explored sciences and the origins of our solar system, website programming, and some introductory business and economics. The younger teen found the exercises on amusing: He discovered a method to cheat and delighted in circumventing the system while not recognizing that, in his own subversive way, he was still learning about computer programming.

The lesson for us is that a well-designed product like Kindera enables extraordinary parenting outcomes. We invented Kindera a few years ago to solve the bedtime problem and as our kids grow up the parenting challenges change too. A teen's concerns are different than a tween's and different again from first grader. The versatility of Kindera means that at any age you have the tools to help guide your child's development.

End of Summer

Now with the end of Summer Vacation, we are back to the delicate balance of "Is it a school night?" But this year, for this first time in our household, both boys are teenagers. And with that change, it's time for us to recognize that we've done a pretty good job raising two young adults. Two kids that are well equipped to handle the Internet without limits or filters or monitors. It's time to give them their privacy.

It's no small leap of faith: Granting Kindera's "Do Not Track" privacy rule to your teen's devices is a special event. A moment to be celebrated. Your teen has earned your trust and you as a parent deserve hearty congratulations for raising such a responsible young adult.

As we look back over the years we see how Kindera helped along the way. When your kids were new to the Internet and first gained access to technology we were most concerned about the preservation of innocence. A seven-year-old truly benefits from strict content filtering. Kindera's powerful Artificially Intelligent Content Filtering wins the day and your sweet little child has a strong Internet fence that keeps them limited to safe content on YouTube and actively blocks adult content.

Then suddenly your kids grown up and when the first thing they need is the ability to communicate with their friends. Instant messaging, social networks, and online games all are signs that your child is embracing the advantages that technology brings. So with Kindera you adjust the rules and grant permissions that enable new privileges. Your middle school student has an online social life. With this growth comes a new struggle: bedtimes vs. late night Internet use. Again Kindera saves the day: setting bedtime schedules to limit their Internet temptation and a restoration of healthy sleeping habits. Well done! You're a smart parent that balances technology and lifestyle.

But before you know it your child is a teen and privacy rights becomes the primary need for their continued growth and development. So your teen is given their Internet freedom. Here is where Kindera becomes your productivity tool for managing their schoolwork: While you don't track their Internet use anymore you still want a No YouTube rule during the designated Homework Times. Kindera can do that too: All rules you set are enforced even if the Do Not Track system is enabled. They get their privacy and you get your homework rule. Win - Win!

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