Summer Rules: Part 1

It's a little-known fact that as parents our schedules revolve around one and only one question: "Is it a school night?" That one question provides the answer to nearly all of the decisions for our kids. And it's that one question that dramatically changes when school is out.

We all have wonderful memories of summer vacations and warm evenings. Those memories include daytime play with friends around the neighborhood and the freedom that comes from knowing there is no school tomorrow. Or the next day. We want our children to experience that same joy and carefree experience that we had. But our kids too often choose to vegetate in their rooms using the Internet for the bulk of their entertainment.

One of the better uses for Kindera in your home is to put in place a Summer Rules policy that reverses the role of Kindera from Bed Time monitor to Day Time monitor: put in place restricted hours during the day to encourage Outdoor Adventures and only allow online time in the morning and evening hours. This one rule will help get your kids to go outside and take full advantage of their summer break.

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Kindera dashboard Time-of-day rule

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