Don't let the Internet spoil your holidays

Choose when and what your children see on the Internet with Kindera


Kindera is a simple to install network hub that allows parents to set limits, filter out inappropriate content and monitor Internet usage at home. Easy to use, all from your smart device or computer wherever you are.

<strong>Kindera</strong> device with dashboard shown on iPhone

The simple way to protect your children online


Kindera Wi-Fi Hub

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Kindera dashboard Time-of-day rule

"Thanks to Kindera's Internet time limits I actually found my son reading a book!"

Live Monitoring

Kindera shows parents what sites our kids are accessing right now.

Content Filtering

Kindera blocks inappropriate content to prevent it entering your home.

Time Limits

Kindera lets parents set age appropriate limits on screen time and enforces bedtime rules.


Kindera has flexible rule schedules to allow weekend bedtimes or Saturday morning cartoons.

Email Notifications

Kindera includes email notifications so parents remain informed about their child's online activities.


Kindera easily supports different rules for every device and every person in your home.