Kindera designed by Parents for Parents.

We tried many parental control solutions and then built Kindera to fix everything wrong or broken with other products.

Simply put Kindera is smarter, faster, and better:

Do you want a slow WiFi network?

Adding Circle or Kids WiFi to your network cuts your bandwidth in half. Adding Kindera makes your network faster! Our Dual Band 802.11ac WiFi is many times faster than Circle, Kids WiFi, and your current 802.11n router.

Do you want someone to "hack" your network?

Circle uses an ARP Spoofing Attack on the devices in your home to hijack every packet on your network. Kindera respects the integrity of your home network and we don't poison your devices with unusual data packets.

Do you like slow loading web pages?

Prototype projects based on OpenWRT like Torch are transparent proxies that add significant latency to your network traffic. In many cases your web experience and online gaming will be noticeably delayed. In some cases your Online Banking security may be compromised by MITM certificates. Kindera is not a transparent proxy. Our solution adds no delay and we never break into your HTTPS secure transactions.

Do your kids know more about computers than you?

Circle and Kids WiFi are easily bypassed and your kids will figure out how in a hurry. A Kindera network can't be removed or bypassed by your kids.

Do you want the same rules as your child?

Using OpenDNS means everyone is treated the same. You and your 6 year old share the same filters. With Kindera everyone can have different content ratings, bedtimes, and other rules that are appropriate for each age.

Do you have your CISSP certification?

Using the parental controls on your existing home WiFi router often requires significant training and understanding. Kindera focuses on simplicity and our In-The-Moment design philosophy means that you don't need to understand how to build a firewall to be able to protect your family. We handle all the complexity for you and let you react in the moment as a parent not as a network engineer. Kindera understands the Parenting Work Flow.