Maybe their cousins are visiting, or that kid from down the street, but you know something's up. The laughing and giggling stops with whispers and doors closing. The tablet is missing and you try to resist breaking up their party. But your fear that the fun is somehow inappropriate drives you to intrude and once again initiate conflict.

As good parents we must supervise and protect our children. If only there was a way to know what they are doing with the Internet without them feeling you standing over their shoulder. We don't want to undermine that hard won trust they have in us. After all, our kids are actually pretty great and more often than not just having innocent fun. And every time we become the authoritarian they learn to trust us less.

Here's where Kindera helps: remote supervision of the Internet. As a parent you can see what sites they visit by looking at your smartphone. Also, Kindera will enforce content ratings for you automatically so you can rest easy knowing the worst of the Internet will never enter your home.

One simple glance at your smartphone and you know exactly the reason for their silence.

If there's one single benefit of Kindera that outshines all others, it's the super human ability it grants you to monitor where your kids go on the Internet.

    • Kindera is a complete upgrade to your old network: supports 802.11AC which is 3x faster than 802.11n and it has Gigabit Ethernet LAN speeds
    • Kindera allows you to easily monitor all Internet traffic in your home
    • Kindera has Zero Latency Content Filtering: which means your internet is not slowed down like with other parental control solutions
    • Kindera allows each child a different content filter rating so that your teenager can have access to social media while your toddler has more strict rules.
    • Kindera allows you full control from your smartphone from wherever you are
    • Kindera allows you to set Internet schedules for each child or device independently
    • Kindera notifies you when your kids try to access forbidden content
    • Kindera has privacy modes to allow you to monitor only the kids’ traffic and ignore parent traffic
    • Kindera is constantly updating itself with new software and intelligence from the Kindera Cloud Service. We work hard to make sure your home is protected as Internet threats change

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