Supervise your home Internet with Kindera

Monitor your kids on the Internet

Kindera helps you see where your kids go online


We believe technology should help make parenting easier. Our kids grow up in a digital world and we need powerful tools to protect, teach, and support their young minds.

Kindera is the easiest way to protect your children on the Internet. The Kindera Wi-Fi Hub helps parents set rules for their kids' devices and supervise their Internet use while providing exceptionally fast wireless speeds throughout the home.

Kindera shows you what sites each of your kids are accessing right now in real time. We no longer need to worry about why they suddenly got quiet and closed their bedroom door. Kindera gives us the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what our youngsters are doing online and arms us with knowledge to help teach them about the dangers of the Internet.


Kindera Wi-Fi Hub

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"I would never have found about about 9gag and 4chan if I didn't have Kindera in my home."

Live Monitoring

Kindera shows parents what sites our kids are accessing right now.

Content Filtering

Kindera blocks inappropriate content to prevent it entering your home.

Time Limits

Kindera lets parents set age appropriate limits on screen time and enforces bedtime rules.


Kindera has flexible rule schedules to allow weekend bedtimes or Saturday morning cartoons.

Email Notifications

Kindera includes email notifications so parents remain informed about their child's online activities.


Kindera easily supports different rules for every device and every person in your home.