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<strong>Kindera</strong> device with dashboard shown on iPhoneKindera

The simple way to protect your children online

Kindera main dashboard

Tired of fighting about bedtimes?

Stop the arguments and let Kindera help your children develop good sleep habits by automatically turning off the Internet before their bedtime. Getting on the school bus on time in the morning is an issue? You are in control, easily set any access scedule for each of your children for any day of the week.

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Kindera rating selection

Block porn and

other undesirable content

Simply set a rating of G, PG, PG14, R or NC-17 for each of your children and Kindera will do its part by only allowing age appropriate content. YouTube content and Google searches will even be filtered based on your set rating. Kindera blocks content that you would like to allow, unblock it in 3 taps, and even on a timer.

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Kindera dashboard setting time-of-day rule

Your children spend too much time online?

Control the amount of time and when your children are allowed online. Allow your child to watch YouTube for an hour or two without having to remember when to shut it off. Set automatic bedtime schedules. Set different access schedules for each of your children on different days. Limit specific web applications or websites on a schedule, such as allow Facebook only on weekends or limit Instagram from 4pm to 5pm on a school night.

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"When it comes to Internet access, having the visibility and reassurance that the rules we have established are being followed is extremely comforting to me as a parent. Additionally, being able to do this from the palm of my hand through my smartphone is beyond convenient!"

Nick O., Kindera parent

"Kindera has changed the way my children interact online. It is easy to install and use and it solves the problem of internet supervision."

Monique R., Kindera parent